Good tails doll

aka Tristan

  • I was born on January 26
  • My occupation is Making videos, Art, Animations,
  • I am Male
  • Good tails doll

    ok so i saw this blog called MaNY EyEs WaTCh .

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  • Good tails doll


    November 11, 2015 by Good tails doll

    Here is my dream journal.  il tell every dream that i remember. Some of them are creepy, Weird, And sad. So yeah here they are

    In this dream i was in a dark churche. There was no lights. Then 5 or 6 demons with with eyes looked at me and started to walk towards me! They didn't make eny sound. I ran. I started sinking under the water and they were watching me sink... I dreamed of this beafor i almost drowned. But it keeps showing up i do think it meanes something.

    This dream was about the skull kid. So me and my friend went to walk at the park. at night. So everything was going normal until we saw the skull kid watching me with the majoras mask on his face. He started folowing us so we decided to run home. That's what we did but... the skull …

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  • Good tails doll

    Astral projections

    November 11, 2015 by Good tails doll

    Hello this page is for wrighting your astral projection experiences. I can't wait to see your stories. Beacos i enjoiye these type of stories. So yeah have a good day. Don't forget your signature so that i know who writhin it

    Stories wright here.








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