aka Nicole

Bureaucrat Leader
  • I live in Grand Forks, ND
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is losing everything left and right and yet being somehow effected by it
  • I am Female

    I have decided to speak out and write this blog for a number of reasons. For one, it's time I stop being so silent about this relationship I was in. I've kept this in for many years. Another reason is I'd like to be the first to step out and allow other people to tell their experiences. I'd like to help those in need, those trapped in a relationship right now that does nothing but damage them. 

    I had watched this video quite often. Looking at the character, his expressions and so forth, it really felt like I was looking into a mirror. I was unfortunately reminded of a relationship I had once been in. Perhaps I will feel better if I tell what happened. Hopefully it gives you guys a little bit of a better view on the events in my life, the on…

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    October 25, 2017 by IM STILL ALIVE

    I've come to explain why I do the absurd and sometimes crude things I do. Things I seem to find hysterical and you may not. I know I've done a lot of questionable things concerning my humor or my word choices... but as always I have a reason. Maybe it won't make sense, maybe it will. Of course it will depend upon each person reading and I am open to answering questions for clarification if need be.

    I've always been a depressed piece of shit for as long as I can remember. I was bullied a lot, my parents didn't exactly show the proper care when desperately needed, I was always shot down and told to stop talking, I've been beaten in every way you can imagine, sexually assaulted on more than one occasion. I've got a massive list of reasons but …

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    August 26, 2017 by IM STILL ALIVE

    I start school on Tuesday. It shouldn't hurt how often I use Wikia, but I'll be on less than I have been this summer. Of course this won't slow anything. I'm not so sure how responsive I can be in my classes like I was last year. I really shouldn't text in class but I still don't give a damn.

    If you want to contact me at all while I'm in school please check my profile for all the places you can reach me. If anything else, I will give you my number.

    Time zone is central! If you need any help, please search for a time zone converter. I will be in school from 7:55-2:55. Those are my class hours. Anything after I should be active if I have no assignments that need major focus. I am usually here if the homework is minimal and easy, so 99% of the …

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    • PikminKader* PikminKader grabs Nikki's hand with emotion.
    • 12:04 The Red Plagueconsent is a myth
    • 12:04 PikminKaderDo you consent?
    • 12:04 IM STILL ALIVEN O
    • 12:04 BlackSmithy* BlackSmithy tosses nikki a rifle
    • 12:04 Terrios528* Terrios528 stabbes Smithy
    • 12:04 BlackSmithy* BlackSmithy is dead
    • 12:04 NPSKullcrackaTheAssassin731surprise sex isnt rape if its a surprise
    • 12:04 PikminKader* PikminKader prepares to shred bungus
    • Welcome to the Wikia war Wikia chat
    • 12:04 Jay Merrickoh my god
    • 12:04 BlackSmithyOH SHT
    • 12:04 Terrios528KEL
    • 12:04 BlackSmithyIT HAPPENED
    • 12:04 NPSKullcrackaTheAssassin731perfect
    • 12:04 PikminKaderPERFECT!
    • 12:04 MaskedManClaus...
    • 12:04 BlackSmithyOML
    • 12:05 Jay MerrickONE OF YOU HAS CLAIRVOYANCY …
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    July 4, 2017 by IM STILL ALIVE

    Not important. Just putting this here so I can remember.

    • Welsh
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Russian
    • Finnish
    • Norwegian
    • Czech
    • Bohemian (idk if I should combine those??)
    • Austrian
    • Swedish
    • Irish
    • Scottish
    • Italian
    • Slovakian
    • Icelandic

    I'll update when more is found? I'm going to end up forgetting these. 

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