"Impatient they start, fearful they end..."

Valkryie247 is an active member of the Venkon army. While nearly mute in person, she spends most of her time talking with her online family through text, and plans to speak more once she can get over... what's stopping her from speaking. Online, once she gets to know someone fairly well, she's quite outspoken and says whatever's on her mind (Which is most of the time more than anyone cares to hear.)

Though an active member, she usually has not joined the chat for lack of courage to speak up and as a result, only lurking while in it.

Some time during early to mid 2016, Val had found the Wikia War Wiki while on her (at the time) main Wiki, via Nicole. While skimming through The Truth, Val saw this place as nothing but trouble and didn't want any part of it added to her already busy life. She scrolled through several other articles, and while shocked and terrified, left the Wiki and pretended she saw nothing there.

June 2nd, 2016, her significant other at the time, Terry, had joined the Wiki after being sent the link privately by Nicole on their (at the time) main Wiki. Val was worried for Terry after having seen this place prior, but tried to get her mind off of it once more.

During August 2016, Val had begun to worry again. Something was compelling her to check the Wiki again. Whether it was fear for Terry or her curiosity reaching it's limit, she didn't care. Scrolling through recent articles wasn't enough at the time, they didn't exactly show all of the gears that made the Wiki tick; she needed to get into the chat room, but also needed to protect herself from anything that was happening here.

August 14th, 2016. Val had made a new account, OcassionalLaughter. ("Occasional" being obviously, but unintentionally, misspelled; just like Valkryie.) With this account she could start again; start a new anonymous Wiki life from here where she could bail at any time with seemingly no consequences. She had seemed to make a few users uncomfortable with her new lack of answers and explanations, leading them to be on the edge about how to feel. After a while of being overly cryptic, the unnecessary "clues" and countdowns to when she was planning on revealing her true self were taken as threats. Shortly before it was time on August 19th, her IP was blocked and it was quite obviously revealed as to who the account belonged to.

Since then, Valk has constantly checked the Wiki for activity, while not so constantly logging into the chat. Even though her days of hiding behind Oca are long gone, she tends to lurk just as much. Also typing too much and too boring-like while on the Wiki, if this page isn't proof enough of that.

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