"Impatient they start, fearful they end..."

Valkryie247 is an inactive member and previous soldier to the Venkon army. While nearly mute in person, she spends most of her time talking with her online family through text, and plans to speak more once she can get over... what's stopping her from speaking. Online, once she gets to know someone fairly well, she's quite outspoken and says whatever's on her mind (Which is most of the time more than anyone cares to hear.)

She usually has not joined the chat for lack of courage to speak up and as a result, only lurking while in it.

Some time during early to mid 2016, Val had found the Wikia War Wiki while on her (at the time) main Wiki, via Nicole. While skimming through The Truth, Val saw this place as nothing but trouble and didn't want any part of it added to her already busy life. She scrolled through several other articles, and while shocked and terrified, left the Wiki and pretended she saw nothing there.

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