The Venkon Army is lead by Nicole (IM STILL ALIVE). The Venkon Army works to fight off the Ivich Army, a long time enemy of the Venkons. They began to form in 2012 as things grew worse each day with the Ivichs attacking the first Wiki, BENDROWNEDYOURTURN Wiki. It expanded from that Wiki, to some users in Community Central, then grew more later on.

Wikis the Venkon got recruits:

  • Weegeepedia (DISBANDED)
  • Community Central
  • TheFutureOfEuropes (DISBANDED)
  • Ajstories
  • Animal Jam
  • Jadusable (DISBANDED)

Outside places the Venkon got recruits:

  • From friends known in real life by users.
  • Advertisements on YouTube by Good Tails Doll.

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