The Venkon Army is lead and founded by Nicole. Their main goal is to win the war that has been against the Ivich Army and their allies, namely The Many. Venkons come from all over the world, though most are currently stationed in North America through the various states. However, it is not uncommon for them to have users that reside elsewhere in other countries.

Despite being small in numbers for the time being, they function very well. A benefit of being a Venkon is having more of a family than the Ivich Army could provide. They care about one another deeply and have promises to keep. 

Originally, there was no Venkon Army. This can also be said for the Ivichs. Before 2015, people fighting on Nicole's side were just known to be with her against the enemy. Because of the lack of organization and inability to recognize where people stand, the name Venkon was taken to label people who were devoted to helping a good cause. Venkon itself translates to victory. 

Venkons are always looking to recruit people, which can be seen on the entries in the Pending for Venkon Army list. But because there are strict requirements to meet, not everyone is promised to make it in. 

People awaiting to join the Venkon Army have to be put through certain tasks. Nothing extreme, it is just having them read what is needed. No person can join without knowledge.

The Venkons will always fight against the Ivichs, Many, and perhaps later The Berserkers. Since it is a part of the cycle, there is no escaping it. Don't be mistaken, only certain ones are promised to come back. They are Loop Venkons. Not all have been found.

For the origin of the Venkon Army, read The Truth.