Hello, Eyeless Jack here. This page is being created to explain the process of the visions that I seem to be having as of late due to the war and the loop. I am going to explain everything here. From what the visions may mean to what happens during them, and to what triggers them, You will know all after reading this.

It starts off with a trigger phrase or even a discussion, possibly maybe could be just a feeling that sparks it. I begin to grow weak and my vision goes blurry. A large headache ensues and I pass out shortly after rapid images pass through my mind too fast to comprehend.

Next, the actual vision. This is where I see what helps us theorize. Ill see past, current, or future events and they are typically based off of the trigger that sets the vision off.

Last, I wake up. Typically head pounding and joints in severe aching pain from the spasms that contort my body I'm assuming during the vision, I wake up retaining about 80% of the info my vision originally shared.

These visions usually are past visions, and they reveal a part of the timeline that may be coming up soon or one that's already happened so that we may understand it better. Sometimes it may even be both.

It's important to remember that while these do cause an annoying amount of pain, they are necessary for the Venkonian advantage and as long as we stay one step ahead, that gives us at least a bit better chance at winning this war. A bit better is better than none. If you would like to know more wait for the finished page or ask me (Eyeless Jack) about it.