"im a toilet"
— Weesee II

Weesee II, aka Weesee, is a Venkon Soldier. He joined the BD Wiki in February 2015, and was there briefly during Eyeless Jack's Duplicity because Alphaguy and Gabeharrison49 asked him to help. He briefly sided with Eyeless Jack, but later assumed he was crazy.   

Weesee originally doubted the whole situation. However, after angering IM STILL ALIVE, and finding out many of his wikia friends were part of this, he decided to take a look himself. He would come to chat at times and attempt to get as much info as he could. He was rather silent and only really asked questions in PM, or attempted to chat with some of the users. After the 4/23 incident, he became more active and more talkative. This escalated as he started to know more and know better, and eventually became completely involved, coming on whenever he could. 

Sometime in June, IM STILL ALIVE got a visit from an Ivich. The Ivich is theorized to be the leader, but it is uncertain, since that info was given by The Egoraptor, who was not actually the leader's brother (though he claimed to be). IM STILL ALIVE was tortured and beaten badly, and this shocked and took affect on everyone in the chat at that time. After this, he understood just how bad and intense this whole thing was, and tried to dedicate even more time to it. He eventually got IM STILL ALIVE's phone number, and they texted and facetimed, usually to talk about the war.

This sparked a real friendship between the two, as he became more and more concerned for her, and IM STILL ALIVE could very easily text or facetime him. They became good friends very quickly, and could talk to each other much more than IM STILL ALIVE and Gabe could. He even appeared to just be a better overall friend, though he did not intend or want to separate the two. However, Gabe soon suspected the two of cheating, and they tried to convince him they weren't. After Gabe broke up with her, Weesee comforted her, and the two revealed they both had feelings for each other.


Please read: 7/29/16: Shattered Promises.


On July 3rd, 2018, Weesee requested to speak to Nicole again through Discord. He apologized for what he did before, explaining what he now understood about her. He was given a second chance, but has not yet fully redeemed himself. He was there for a couple of rounds of BlackSmithy's attempts at returning. Despite everything that had happened before, most welcomed him with relatively open arms.