Within our many Rules, nowhere does it say we will ban any Ivich members. There is a reason behind this. Though it may seem stupid and just openly asking for trouble, it's not. It's a matter of communication between us. Ivichs have always been very well with their words and can firmly hold their ground. It's their mature approach that leaves us satisfied and allows them to come and go time and time again. 

While we don't ban Ivichs in general, the rules are rules. They apply to all users. Some extra ones will apply to Ivichs. On rare occasions, an Ivich may get banned from chat for their actions. This can consist of very heavy threats towards innocent users/unsuspecting Venkons, long silence (afk too long), and even lying.

The no ban on Ivichs is all in all a form of our dealing and planning. So far, the chat room is our only communication we have now. It's the fact they're kind enough to give us a heads up sometimes and their willingness to say some information. We need to maintain this communication to have an idea in which direction where this is all going and to plan. 

If an Ivich is banned, they will be unbanned if they do not violate the rules applied to them and the rules applied to all users. Simple as that.