Please keep in mind these are major and noteworthy events that happened in Wikia War III. Not every little bit of this event is recorded.

  • Reversed happens.
  • Because of the false accusations, the Night Watch begins.
  • Within Hubris users begin to side with Ambrose Malachai for our wrongdoings.
  • Eyeless Jack becomes corrupt. (Eyeless Jack's Duplicity)
  • A fight breaks out between all users.
  • Eyeless Jack and Common Foundation's friendship deteriorates completely.
  • Eyeless Jack exerts control over the Wiki and its users.
  • Nicole loses power back and forth.
  • Innocent users banned, even ones who spoke out against him.
  • A thread to demote Eyeless Jack is created once Wikia Staff agreed to remove him as long as a reason was provided with permission from users. (May 22nd, 2015 Thread: Eyeless Jack's Demotion)
  • Eyeless Jack is demoted and leaves shortly after.
  • All goes silent and dies down after a while.

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