"I am the flame that will start the wildfire."
— Wysteriaa

Wysteriaa has been friends with Nicole because of the game Animal Jam since about the month of April 2016. After they met, they exchanged Skypes and talked more on there. While the two have talked on and off, it wasn't until June 21st that Wysteriaa found out about the Wikia War after asking Nicole on Skype what a Venkon is. It took a bit of talking and agreements before being shown links and articles. The first one she was shown before any others was The Truth.

Her bubbly, funny, and very outgoing personality doesn't make it hard to talk to her or get to become friends with her. Even within a day she can make you feel safe and maybe even make you smile when you haven't in a long time. One last thing to note is she's a proud leo.

Sadly as of 5/19/17, she has been removed and blocked from the army. Her communications with Nicole are no longer accessible. She had too many outbursts, too many threatens to join the Ivich Army, too much praising the Ivichs in her outbursts, and refusing to listen. She will not be coming back or given a second chance as the rules state those types of actions are not forgivable at any extent.