"Minn besti vinur hverju sem dynur. Ég kyngi tári og anda hári. "
— X

is the name given to the clone of MaskedManClaus. It is the first clone to arrive in three years since ISD and Jareck*sss both vanished. So far, it has been the most functional clone, and the most open. 

X does not have an account for itself so it will talk through using MaskedManClaus's account instead. Though MMC has changed his password each time, it still gets in regardless of how hard it is.

As for how this clone talks is entirely new. It will choose quotes from songs to communicate, mostly those from the band Crystal Castles. Why? We don't know. Perhaps a favorite of the creator or in someones favor. It could even be the most effective way to hint at something.

When X was in its early stages, though, it could speak freely without the quotes of lyrics. This limited speech could be to prevent unwanted information leaving the clone.

X hasn't been seen in a month of two as of 1/28/17. All we know from it now is to expect more clones to come. Worse, the fact that they're more advanced than we were thinking they were.

As of 6/20/17 X has returned.