"You can always depend on me."
— XxDawnshadowsxX

XxDawnshadowsxX is a user who mysteriously found the HB Wiki through Community Central. Rumor has it that she found us by a big chat discussion there about what is coming up on the Wiki. The user came to warn the others who were currently in the chat room about the uprising of the Ivichs the second time around. She is estimated to have appeared late June of 2014.

She made very few appearances with no consistent pattern or even a warning as to when she would show up. She said she would only arrive when there were more threats rising and she would come to warn us. Though she had very little information, it still helped the fighting users in a form. Much later into the war, she came to chat shortly after an invasion. She was saying she did not have much time until they were going to find her.

Though it was hard to believe her, we did end up being proven wrong. She disappeared and no trace of her was left behind.